min snygga syster

174cm lång. Svart cool page. Karismatisk är hon. Rolig som satan. (Hon dricker ju faktiskt Lucky Star på Mcdonald's) Omtänksam. Smart också. Snygg inte att förglömma. Det låter som om jag försöker sälja henne men hon är inte till salu. Hon är ju min lillasyster. Ynka 18 år.

Jag tycker hon är superfin. Hon har blivit så stor! Hon tar studenten i juni. Då ska hon komma och hälsa på mig i Tokyo!

Postat av: L

du är för söt, älskar dig

2008-10-02 @ 20:03:19
Postat av: Michelle


2008-10-03 @ 10:26:08
URL: http://fashionorgasm.webblogg.se/
Postat av: Luke Skywalker

Well sorry Michelle but your sister is way to beautiful, I can't give up on her.

I am disclaiming, I will ask her to go out with me.First I need to prepare a speech:>

Wonderful blog by the way, you have talent.

<3 Skywalker

2008-10-08 @ 12:02:51
URL: http://akratis.blogspot.com
Postat av: Michelle

I know. I love her. Doesn't make u any less disturbed though.

Thanks for that lovely comment!

<3 Princess Leia

2008-10-09 @ 19:47:38
URL: http://fashionorgasm.webblogg.se/
Postat av: L

tack för att du bytte bild. eheee

men nu är frågan, vem är skywalker?


2008-10-09 @ 21:45:29
Postat av: Skywalker

Skywalker is a fool, that fell for your lovely eyes.

And risking his life for writing this words, because your sister is threatening me with slitting my throat if I come close to you.

I live for impossible loves!


2008-10-12 @ 16:20:44
URL: http://akratis.blogspot.com
Postat av: Michelle

Is that the kind of b*shit you throw to girls? Haha

I know I'm being real mean right now but I'm entitled to it!


princess leia

2008-10-12 @ 17:25:43
URL: http://fashionorgasm.webblogg.se/
Postat av: Anonym

I must say that I'm really flattered.

- and maybe that kind of b'shit works on me Michelle, who knows?



2008-10-13 @ 01:45:29
Postat av: Skywalker

Michelle, you always have been mean to me.Is it because I called your legs soccer mum legs?:/

Oh see!

I got attention!


Damn, you are cute : <

PS: You still didn't deny that it's b*shit anyways:>



2008-10-13 @ 15:34:42
URL: http://akratis.blogspot.com
Postat av: Skywalker

Oh, I advertised your blogg on my blog by the way, don't forget my favor!


2008-10-13 @ 16:11:47
URL: http://akratis.blogspot.com
Postat av: Michelle


2008-10-13 @ 16:53:25
URL: http://fashionorgasm.webblogg.se/
Postat av: L

Haha well, some kind of b'shit it is, yes!

But I still enjoy it.

I heard you played with filip and michelle?

allys ftw!

btw, michelle got beautiful legs!

2008-10-13 @ 16:57:57
Postat av: Skywalker

Hehe, fair enough.

Well with Filip we almost played for 2 years.One of my best ingame mates and the only male I'm attracted to:>

With Michelle we played only for a short while, but afterwards we kept talking on MSN.

Might visit them soon, for some swedish food!

And yeh she does, but they are still soccer mum legs :p

2008-10-13 @ 17:02:12
URL: http://akratis.blogspot.com
Postat av: L

Well Michelle's cooking skill is at 375 so you will get some swedish amazing food if you come here, yes! :)

haha, its a pity they stopped playing, I play at the sha'tar, Merthly is my chars name. im changing realm to silvanar soon tho, cant take this RP. (didnt know it was one when I started playing)

well, ofcourse you can take a cute gnome walking to you asking for 1g but serious rp, dont work for me.

2008-10-13 @ 17:08:02
Postat av: Skywalker

Well, wow days are over for me, after 3 years of hardcore gaming.

With old gang, I've decided to give Warhammer a shot.though on a very casual level.

Hmm, I2m looking forward for that food, this year it didn't happen even I was in Sweden for a while, maybe soon!

2008-10-13 @ 17:12:24
Postat av: L

well I havent tried warhammer, and I dont think I will either. well thats a pity, I've heard wotlk will be fun, but I will probably get bored.

have school to take care of *smiles at michelle

2008-10-13 @ 17:21:12
Postat av: Skywalker

Michelle isn't allowing me to be in love with you:<

I'm scared for my life.

2008-10-13 @ 17:25:43
Postat av: L

run forest run!

2008-10-14 @ 02:47:45
Postat av: Michelle

Omg, this is nog a dating chat room! Take ur flirting somewhere else! And u, akratis, should know better!

Ps. Liza, jag hoppas verkligen att du tar hand om skolan. Det är inte mycket kvar och du vet att du klarar av det! Puss älskling

2008-10-14 @ 15:50:52
URL: http://fashionorgasm.webblogg.se/
Postat av: Skywalker

I spent with my ex enough time to recognize a lecture in swedish Michelle:>

Liza, jag hoppas verkligen du älsker mig mycket:>

2008-10-14 @ 19:22:00
Postat av: L

hahaha! I really dont know what to say

2008-10-14 @ 20:16:06
Postat av: Skywalker

You can appreciate the efforts I make for you, take the first plane, come to Istanbul and spend the rest of your life happily ever after as the wife of Skywalker!:>

2008-10-14 @ 21:00:01
Postat av: Lizette

Haha! Well I want a traditional wedding.

2008-10-15 @ 00:20:26
Postat av: www.tingelig.blogspot.com

Åh, så koselig =) Søt søster :]

2009-02-22 @ 19:59:10
URL: http://www.tingelig.blogspot.com

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